Technology/ WordPress Survey

I completed a survey which questioned the advantage and disadvantage of the WordPress site and other technological applications such as Slack. I asserted that I like using both; however, I would like an introduction session which explains how to use and navigate each website. I think that would be helpful because WordPress can be difficult to use when inserting media if you don’t know how to work it. This training could also help with sites such as Zotero. Without the help of other classmates, I would not have been able to add sources to my Zotero folder. Concurrently, I like using Slack because it puts all information in one location and allows me to have online interactions with the professor and other students. Lastly, after the semester is over, I think I will continue to use m site as an outlet to express my feelings about current events and topics which interest me. Overall, I enjoyed using the websites and I think they enhance my learning experience.

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