Introduction to Analyses of Dupont Circle

As a first semester college student, my writing assignment was to learn about Washington D.C, the new city I would be living in for the next four years. The summer preceding the semester, I acquired knowledge about D.C neighborhoods, the crack epidemic, and the political people who ran the district through the eyes of Ruben Castaneda in his book S Street Rising. Thanks to the book, I knew that those places existed, but I did not know where they were located in relation to me or what they looked like. Therefore, it was my task to pick one location from the book and explore, observe, and analyze it. I chose the Dupont Circle Club, a recovery center on 1623 Connecticut Ave. NW, located in Dupont Circle. I visited the place, observed, and took notes on three mediums: the exterior, the interior, and their digital site, all of which I have written about and posted on this site. Each medium is described in a  separate post, but they all include the sights I saw, the feelings I felt, and possibly what I smelled. Each post encompasses pictures to give the audience something to visualize. Because the main site is the Dupont Circle Club, all three entries are similar in that they mention the recovery club, but they have different analytical observations. In the exterior description, Dupont Circle: An Urban High Class Area, I examine the immediate streets around the circle and claim that Dupont is a place of contrast. In my interior description, The Interior Design of the Dupont Circle Club, I assert that The Dupont Circle Club translates a feeling of welcomeness as it resembles aspects of a church, and in my digital description of the Dupont Circle Club’s website, Dupont Circle, A Non-Profit Club, Cries Out for Donations, I proclaim that the site targets non addicts who are willing and able to donate to the club. These descriptions led up to my final paper, an overall analysis of what I learned from the exterior, interior and digital sites. My final analysis, Dupont: A Greedy Neighborhood Filled with Rats, Panhandlers, and Contradiction, asserts that Dupont is a place of contradiction because although it appears as a welcoming, wealthy area with a lot of diversity due to the different types of people and purposes of buildings, the residents and city officials despise and exclude the homeless. The city officials also fail their residents by allowing rats to infest the area. You can read more by clicking on the links in the order they appear to learn more about Dupont’s highs and lows!

Pictures: Interior, Exterior, Digital