AU Honors and Scholars Program

American University Honors Program

I worked as a student staff assistant in American University’s Honors and Scholars Office for two years. I managed and responded to correspondence from current and prospective students and parents regarding acceptance into the Program as well as student’s progress in completing their Honors credits in time for graduation. I helped students schedule appointments with Honors counselors and Director of the Program and assisted with Honors events and meetings throughout the year.

Working for this office provided a huge sense of accomplishment because as a freshman I self-nominated into the University Honor’s Program and I was accepted. I wanted to become more integrated in the program because I didn’t enter the traditional way (and I needed a job) so I applied for the student staff position and got it. I needed to prove to myself that I deserved to be in the Honors Program and wasn’t an impostor so I took as many Honors colloquia courses and supplemented my regular classes for Honors credits as I could. Through the Honors Program I meant great students and professors who dramatically changed my academic journey here at AU. If it wasn’t for this program, I would not have met my mentor and capstone adviser, Professor Claire Griggs and I would not have completed a Honors capstone that I am very proud of. 2017 was the last year of this Honor’s Program and I am grateful for the academic and work experience I received.

Shaking hands with President Neil Kerwin at the Honors Recognition Ceremony