DACA Policy Memo

Executive Summary 

From the start of his campaign, President Trump has advocated for harsher immigration policies in order to keep American citizens safe within the borders of the United States. As president, he has enforced a travel ban, stronger border control policies, deportations of “criminals,” and threatening to withhold federal funds from sanctuary cities. Within the immigration population, are undocumented students who either have Deferred Action of Children Arrivals (DACA) or are applying for it for the first time.  What actions will USCIS take when students are applying for the first time or reapplying for DACA under the Trump Administration? The Trump administration should allow USCIS to continue receiving DACA applications for undocumented students without the fear of deportation as well as create immigration reform policies focusing on all undocumented immigrants not just DACA students. These policies will stop enforcing an anti-immigration rhetoric and aim to create a stronger and more cohesive country that values all races and ethnicities.

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