Hello! My name is Neco Milillo and welcome to my digital portfolio. A recent graduate of Fairfield College Preparatory School achieving induction into the National Honor Society as well as Magna Cum Laude, I am currently a junior at American University’s School of Public Affairs pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Political theory and Law and Society, as well as a certificate in Advanced Leadership Studies.

I am also a member of the School of Public Affairs Leadership Program, which encourages its selected students’ study of leadership theory to be put into practice. Following a period of intensive research, students design and implement social action projects that seek to address the social, economic, policy and environmental shortcomings found within their work. I consider myself gifted in the area of adaptive leadership, possessing a strong drive to follow through to completion any task placed in my hands in an organized and effective fashion; my ability to build and maintain strong personal connections with peers and mentors often increases my ability to do so. I am looking to utilize my gifts and strengths in any position that offers my the ability to help improve the social and economic conditions of those in need.

My goal following my undergraduate career is to pursue higher education through graduate courses of study in hopes of achieving my PhD. Following my educational pursuits, I aim to serve others through a continued pursuit of equality for all human beings in every sense of the word–be it racial, economic, social or gender based. I hope to achieve this goal by entering the field of education, policy work, public service or law. Any position that enables me to utilize my strengths in an effort to benefit those in need is a position I would like to hold.

As this site might hint towards, I thoroughly enjoy reading and researching solely in hopes of enlightening myself to the vast array of knowledge available. Further, I love spending time with those I love, and enveloping myself in natural scenery, which helps me to relieve the stresses of daily life, and reorganize my thoughts, motivations, duties and ambitions. Please feel free to look below to learn more about me; enjoy the site!



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