About Me

Hello, my name is Neco Milillo and as this site may give you a hint towards I enjoy reading to expand my knowledge, and view of the world. I also enjoy nature, and the ability to take in a scenery as a method of relieving the stresses of daily life. I graduated from Fairfield College Preparatory School in 2016, and I am currently a student at American University in Washington D.C. I am actively pursuing a BA in Political Science, and Law and Society, with a certificate in Advanced Leadership Studies. I have a goal of further pursuing my studies in Political Science beyond undergraduate school.

I am a member of the School of Public Affairs’ Leadership Program. I consider myself to be gifted in leadership, forming personal connections, and possessing a strong drive in the completion of any task given to me. I am looking to utilize these gifts, and those that I continue to obtain through my education and experience, in the professional field through building strong connections with coworkers, and those that I am fortunate enough to serve.

My goal, to describe it extensively, is to use my knowledge, and talents to serve others through a continued pursuit of equality for all groups. By equality I mean equal in every sense of the word; be that economic, social, racial, and educational equality. To specifically illustrate how I intend to accomplish such a goal, I would say that I am looking to enter the field of public service. This may be as a politician, as a lawyer, as an educator, or any profession that allows me to serve others in a common goal of moving toward equality. I am a firm believer that as human beings, we are all connected. For this reason I stand by assertions that when others are hurting, I am as well. I aim to invoke change through educating the public on the issues that matter to working class Americans, and fighting for the rights, and equality of all members of society.