Hiroshima-Nagasaki, August 1945

Color Film footage taken by Daniel A. McGovern and Harry Mimura (Akira Mimura) in Hiroshima in early 1946. The precise dates in March and April 1946 are shown on each clapperboard within the video. The opening frame of the video displays reference number “342.USAF.11078”. The first clapperboard at 0:07 is : “USSBS Motion picture proj. / Lt. Mc Govern / Date April 8 46 / Roll 219, Project 30 / Take 1 , Scene 60 / Sequence / Hiroshima” (USSBS : United States Strategic Bombing Survey). The clapperboard at 3:36 displays : “USSBS Mot. Pic. Proj. / Cameraman Harry Mimura Tono / Director 1st Lt. D.A. Mc Govern AAF / Location Hiroshima Date March 27 ?? / Proj No 10 Seq No 2 Scene No 1 / Roll No 339 Mag No – Take No 2”. 

By Barnouw, Erik, 1908-2001; Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.). Circulating Film Library; International Film Seminars (Firm); Columbia University. Press. Center for Mass Communication

Published 1980
Topics 16mm Film, Educational Film, World War (1939-1945), Political violence in mass media, World War, 1939-1945, Atomic bomb, Political violence, Photojournalism, Motion pictures, Harvard Film Archive, projection print somewhat scratched, HFA Item no: 9675. From The Amos Vogel Annenberg School of Communications Collection

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