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The Untold History of the United States, young readers edition for 10-16 year olds, co-authored with Oliver Stone (Simon & Schuster, forthcoming December 2014)

The Concise Untold History of the United States, co-authored with Oliver Stone (new book based largely on the documentary scripts) (Simon & Schuster, October, 2014)

Oliver Stone, Peter Kuznick, and Satoko Norimatsu,“What is War? What is War Really Like?”: The Collected 2013 Japan Interviews, Talks, and Articles by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick (Kinyobi Books, Tokyo, 2014).

The Untold History of the United States, co-authored with Oliver Stone (Simon & Schuster, October 30, 2012); paperback published in October 2013; Graphic novel in preparation; translations have appeared or will appear in Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, Bulgarian, Hungarian, French, Turkish, Portuguese, German

Genpatsu to hiroshima – genshiryoku heiwa riyo no shinso (Nuclear Power and Hiroshima: The Truth Behind the Peaceful Use of Nuclear Power) co-authored with Yuki Tanaka (Iwanami Publishers, October 2011)

Rethinking the Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Japanese and American Perspectives co-authored with Akira Kimura (Kyoto: Horitsu Bunkasha, 2010)

Rethinking Cold War Culture, co-edited with James Gilbert (Smithsonian Institution Press, 2001)

Beyond the Laboratory: Scientists as Political Activists in 1930s America (University of Chicago Press, 1987; paperback edition, 1989)



The Untold History of the United States, co-authored with Oliver Stone; 12-part documentary film series, first aired on Showtime, Nov. 12, 2012-Jan. 13, 2013; sold as Blue-Ray by Warner Bros. in October 2013; DVD box set out in March 2014; has begun airing around the world



“Political conversion was the greatest aphrodisiac,” Interview on Antiwar Organizing at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Christian G. Appy, ed., The Vietnam War: An Oral History (Viking Press, 2003), 313-316.

Preface to Joseph Walwik, The Peekskill, New York, Anti-Communist Riots of 1949 (Edwin Mellen Press, 2002), i-ii.

“James B. Conant,” in Paul S. Boyer, ed., Oxford Companion to United States History (Oxford University Press, 2001), 152.

“U.S. Culture and the Cold War,” co-authored with James Gilbert in Rethinking Cold War Culture (Smithsonian Institution Press, 2001), 1-13.

“Science and the Left, 1920-1950,” in Paul Buhle, ed., The Encyclopedia of the American Left (Garland Press, 1990), 680-684.


“Defending the Indefensible: A Meditation on the Life of Hiroshima Pilot Paul Tibbets, Jr.,” Japan Focus (January 2008)

“Prophets of Doom or Voices of Sanity? The Evolving Discourse of Annihilation in the First Decade and a Half of the Nuclear Age,” Journal of Genocide Research (September 2007), 411-441.

“The Decision to Risk the Future: Harry Truman, the Atomic Bomb, and the Apocalyptic Narrative,” Japan Focus (August 2007)

“Losing the World of Tomorrow: The Battle Over the Presentation of Science at the 1939 New York World’s Fair,” American Quarterly, 46(September 1994), 31-373.


Op-ed, “The American Elephant vs. the Okinawan Flea,” Ryukyu Shimpo (Okinawa), (October 22, 2014)

Op-ed on Japan’s plutonium stockpile for People’s Daily (April 2014) China “Through Russian Eyes,” co-authored with Oliver Stone, Shukan Kinyobi (June 2014), Japan

Op-ed for China’s People’s Daily on Abe’s visit to Yasakuni Shrine

Op-ed for People’s Daily about the prospects for Japan developing nuclear weapons Letter to the editor (with Oliver) published in the New York Times on CIA involvement in the 1965-66 Indonesia coup

“On Revolution,” (with Oliver) New Statesman (November, 2013) London, UK “Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick On How Obama Should Handle the Crisis In Syria,” Daily Beast (October 15, 2013)

“The Myth of American Exceptionalism,” USA Today (October 25, 2013), Op-ed with Oliver Stone

“Obama is Laying the Foundations of a Dystopian Future,” Financial Times (July 15, 2013), Op-ed, with Oliver Stone

“US and Japan: Partners in Historical Falsification,” Huffington Post (September 10, 2013)

Op-ed, with Oliver Stone

“Obama’s Empire,” USA Today (January 13, 2013), Op-ed with Oliver Stone

“Wallace Had the Right Ideas on U.S.-Soviet Relations,” Wall Street Journal (January 16, 2013), rebuttal to Op-ed by Ron Radosh

“Oliver Stone Defends His ‘The Untold History of the United States,’” Daily Beast (November 21, 2012), with Oliver Stone

“The Problem With America’s History Books,” Huffington Post (November 1, 2012), with Oliver Stone

“Don’t Betray Us, Barack: End the Empire,” New Statesman (April 14, 2011), co-authored with Oliver Stone; Our title was “Channeling Obama’s Inner Gorbachev”

“Japan’s nuclear history in perspective: Eisenhower and atoms for war and peace,” Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (April 13, 2011) tive-eisenhower-and-atoms-war-and-peace

“Awakening America’s ‘Moral Responsibility to Act,’” Chugoku Shimbun (Hiroshima), June 28, 1910, part of their series Hiroshima and the World

“The Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki: 60th Anniversary Reflections,” Nagasaki Peace Studies Journal 20(October 2005), 61-70.

“A Tragic Life: Oppenheimer and the Bomb,” review essay, Arms Control Today 35(July-August 2005), pp. 37-40.

“Scientists on the Stump,” (Originally titled, “Unacceptable Risk: The Scientists’ Mobilization to Defeat Goldwater in 1964”), Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 60(November-December 2004), 28-35.

“Whitewashing History: The Smithsonian’s New Enola Gay Exhibit,” Nagasaki Peace Studies Journal 19 (October 2004), 84-89.

“The 1945 Atomic Bombing of Nagasaki and the 2003 Invasion of Iraq: Similarities and Differences,” Nagasaki Peace Studies Journal 16(November 2003), 86-92.

“We Can Learn a Lot from Truman the Bigot,” Los Angeles Times (July 18, 2003) (My title was “Still Wild About Harry?”)

“Truman and the Bomb,” Asahi Shimbun (August 5, 2000)

“American and Japanese Students Respond to visiting Hiroshima and Nagasaki,” Michi (The Road), Kyoto, Japan (1999), 94-100.

“He ‘Never Lost Any Sleep’: Coping With Truman’s Nightmarish Nuclear Legacy,” review essay, Radical History Review 75(1999), 131-147.

“American Students’ Responses to Visiting Hiroshima,” Ritsumeikan University Peace Studies Magazine, (Spring 1998)

“The Painful Task of Confronting Our Nations’ Histories,” Yomiuri Shimbun, (August 9. 1995)

“Facing Our Histories,” Economic and Political Weekly, (April 15, 1995), coauthored with Uday Mohan and Akihiko Kimijima.

Syllabus for my course “Living with the Bomb: American Culture in the Nuclear Age,” Radical History Review, 63(1995), 167-170.

“Smithsonian Row is About Reconciling the Past,” Asahi Evening News, (March 1, 1995), coauthored with Uday Mohan and Akihiko Kimijima.

“We Can Hold an Atomic Bomb Exhibit That Faces Our Histories,” Asahi Shimbun, (February 21, 1995), coauthored with Uday Mohan and Akihiko Kimijima.

“The Birth of Scientific Activism,” Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, (December, 1988)


Samuel Walker, Three Mile Island: A Nuclear Crisis in Historical Perspective, History: Reviews of New Books, (Fall 2004)

Review of Kenneth D. Rose, One Nation Underground: The Fallout Shelter in American Culture, The Historian, (2003)

Review of Patrick J. McGrath, Scientists, Business, & the State, 1890-1960, Journal of American History, (March 2003)

Review of Steven Neuse, David E. Lilienthal, ISIS, (1999)

Review of Stuart Leslie, The Cold War and American Science, Science and Society, (Summer, 1995)

Review of Mark Pittenger, American Socialists and Evolutionary Theory, ISIS, (1994) Review of Jack S. Goldstein, A Different Sort of Time: The Life of Jerrold R.

Zacharias,Scientist, Engineer, Educator, Journal of American History (June, 1993) Review of Marshall Hyatt, Franz Boas, Social Activist, Science and Society (1992) Review of Greta Jones, Science, Politics, and the Cold War, ISIS (1990)

Review of David P. Peeler, Hope Among Us Yet: Social Criticism and Social Solace in Depression America, Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, (January, 1989)

Review of Joseph J. Corn, ed., Imagining Tomorrow: History, Technology, and the American Future appeared in Science, (October 10, 1986)

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