Common and Activism



Today I attended a discussion featuring soulful and consequence rapper Common. During his time here he freestyled for the audience and brought to light many underlying issues prevalent within our society. He also talked a lot about activism and the importance of finding our voice in whatever type of activism we plan on taking part of. He used Mohammad Ali as an example, a man at the height of his career knew that it was his duty to fight for what he believes in and showcase the injustice that exists in the world. Common as a rapper recognized that it is also his duty to bring to light issues that exist in our society. He does this with his song with John Legend, Glory. The moving movie Selma, illustrates the negative times during the civil rights movement and the song beautifully captures the message director, Avry DuVernay tries to bring across. It is important to use our platforms and voices to speak out on what matters most.

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