Annotated bibliography 7 and 8

Exhibit and Background: Howard University

Milloy, Courtland. “Howard University’s Yardfest has become an embarrassment.” The Washington Post, 29 October. 2013,

Milloy Courtland’s article in the Washington Post, “Howard University’s YardFest has become an embarrassment,” makes the arguments that Howard University is known for its homecoming events even before the quality education. This highlights the behavior of the audience at the annual Yardfest hip hop show. The article goes on to discuss the behavior of the gate crashers to the backdrop of some of the titles of the rap songs being performed, in a sarcastic manner, contrasting it with the former abolitionist Frederick Douglas. To the author of this article, the students are going to Howard to a party, get high or drunk and misbehave, rather than run to a “Mecca of higher education” (Washington Post).

I plan to use this in my research to argue that this Homecoming ceremony, YardFest, is apart of the culture. It is important to recognize the demographics of those who attend this prestigious university. For my project, I plan on dismantling Courtland’s bias views in order to showcase the importance of these programs. Yes, the school has its own flaws related to finance and the upcoming of the university, but to argue that their school has become an embarrassment because of cultural events like YardFest is somewhat contradicting. These programs are a way for this community to express themselves and portraying it as something negative only damages the image of the University.

Suggs, Ernie. “Howard University: The Mecca.”, Cox Media Group,13 July. 2015,

In this article, there is a general narrative about how Howard University is committed to helping disadvantaged persons succeed in higher education, and specifically, African Americans. The author goes on to describe some of Howard University’s history, like when it was founded in 1867, with humble beginnings, and how it has grown to serve its student body with 13 schools and colleges. This article is heavily opinionated and clearly, has a biased opinion.

This article will be used to compare/contrast Howard University related to its success, failures, socio-political structure, the educational environment of the students. This article reads more like an advertisement, and while it does highlight some facts that can be verified by outside sources. I will incorporate this into my research to illustrate methods Howard university is using to savor their image and restore the “Mecca” to its original glory. I will also anylze how this article supports the school in order to showcase it in a postive light. While conducting my reserch I noticed a tone in the way some articles approach the University and most were with a negative tone. It is interesting how these same articles discuss predominatly white Univeristies. There is a some level of unconfidence with predominatly black universities, as if to say they are incompitant to compete with white colleges. I plan on discussing these challenges and how it is clearly evident within the built enviroment of Howard University.

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