Annotated Bibliography 9 and 10

Mughee, Umarah. “Conquering Cancer: Now He Needs Your Votes.” The Hilltop, issue 14 September.  2015,

Sydney Satterwhite, a Howard University student was diagnosed with Stage IV Lymphoma, and as a result, he had to take a year off from school; now back at Howard, Sydney is applying for money via the Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway, to assist in paying tuition and past medical bills. Sydney could win up to $100,000. As a top student and scholar, Sydney is trying to complete his education despite huge obstacles.

I plan to use this article for my research to illustrate the ways in which Howard University rallies together to support their students. This is the “Mecca” Tanihasi Coates refers to in his book, Between the World and Me. This coming together of all students to support one of their own is seen time and time again at Howard University and it primarily stands because of the way the school was set up. It was set up as a support system for disadvantaged students who were primarily African American students.

Dunnavant, Justin. “Access Denied: African Americans and Access to End-of-Life Care in Nineteen-Century Washington, DC.”

Researchers in this article found that African American women were especially vulnerable as they were often denied end-of-life care due to a requirement of the women to be employed; since fewer women had access to employment in the 19th Century and African American women, especially, end of life care was seen as something earned, and not a right.

Much has changed since the 19th Century, and while there are still racial injustices within the U.S., end of life care is not restricted to those who work. While the Howard Hospital situation remains complicated, as do the racial issues, Howard University, much has improved socially and culturally. I plan to use this in my research to demonstrate the effects of disadvantages have had on Howard and why their mini community seems to be the only type of support they can rely on.

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