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This is a physical video of the outside of Howard Hospital. Usually, when I go to my site I am not met with any problems but this time a crisis was occurring and was not permitted to take further pictures. Before, I was able take a couple more picture of the interior of the hospital. This visit I noticed how big of a landmark this album is for many people in the Howard/ U street community. Everyone who was employed and being serviced was black and rarely I would see other people of color. There was also a large emphasis on caring for your own. Howard University Hospital was the first of its kind to care for black people and till this day it primarily cares for those same people and the added comfort and sense of trust is still ever present.



Exterior of Howard hospital

This is an another picture of Howard University Hosptial. I chose this picture because it shows the multiple levels of the airport. Because it was so dark I was unable to have a clear representation of the entrance to the hospital, but I can concur that the Hospital sits on grass that seems to not be kept up with daily maintenance. I think this is an attribution to the area of the hospital and the funds that are designated to the upkeeping of the hospital. since the hospital has fallen on hard times according to multiple news sources, it is understandable.

Interior of Howard Hospital

This is a picture of the front desk at Howard University Hospital. The Hospital has won multiple awards based on the plaques that hang on the walls, but I did not see any recent achievements.. The upkeeping of the hospital was mildly disappointing. There was rust on the walls but the shaping of the glass walls was nice. It can be inferred that the building has not been updated in a long time. I chose this picture because it showed the new and old the hospital. It does not show a lot of differences but it it is arguable that the hospital adapts to the times and needs of its patients.

Inside Howard University Hospital

This is an inside picture of Howard University. I chose this picture because it gives directions to patients on where to go for treatment. It shows the structure of the hospital and how sterile everything must be in order for it to be classified as a Hospital. Unlike most hospitals, this one does not necessarily have the resources to be an elite hospital. As soon as I walked into the hospital I could already feel that presence. The demographics of the patients were mostly black and it had funding but not enough to fix up some of the minor errors in the hospital.

Entrance sign to Howard University Hospital

This is the entrance sign for the Howard University Hospital. The sign directs people toward the main entrance, visitor parking, and the emergency section. Currently, the locations all lead to one place but upon arrival, it is easy to navigate where each entrance is. I chose this sign because it gives clear instructions on where to go and it shows those who are in an emergency a clear location.

Entrance sign

The Exterior Of Howard Medical Hospital

This is an outside picture of Howard Medical Hospital. It is placed at 2041 Georgia Ave NW #1, Washington, DC 20060. It is very close to Howard university and it is used as a teaching hospital for students in the medical school at Howard. I chose this image because it shows the outside of the hospital and the location that it was in. Because it was gated I was unable to get a clearer look at the inside of the Hospital. It signifies the location of the hospital and also gives a clear view for those who need to look at the physical aspects of the hospital.

Exterior of Howard Medical Hospital