Neural Modulation

          This page features (mostly) hardware tools useful for modulating neural activity via ligand, light, or electrical stimulation. This category of projects includes a variety of methods including general surgical tools and methods for probe implantation, methods for creating probes, optogenetic/electrical stimulation generators, and tools for administering drugs. Drug Delivery includes projects for placing cannula and administering microdoses of a compound. Electrical Stimulation includes projects for placing probes and generating signals. General Surgery includes tools for performing surgery and placing probes. Optogenetics/Chemogenetics includes tools for controlling optogenetic signal output and other tools. 

            For projects that are relevant to a specific kind of behavioral study (e.g. decision making or motor learning), species (e.g. mouse or bee), or neurological model (e.g. schizophrenia or Parkinson’s), use the search bar to find projects by tag!


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