Video Repository

This is a repository of videos featuring a variety of animal behaviors studied by neuroscientists. The creation of this repository was inspired by the experience of OpenBehavior team members trying to find raw videos to train students to use video analysis software. They found it difficult and time- consuming to locate example raw videos for educational purposes (see Blog Post for additional details). Thus, we created this repository to be an easily-accessed, crowd-sourced collection of raw animal behavior videos with the goal that it will not only serve as a resource for learning and training new video analysis software but will also be a data source for secondary analysis or comparing analysis methods across video specifications and behaviors.

The videos are categorized by behavioral task. Click on the white tabs to filter by task or use the search bar to find videos by tag(s). Tags are words that indicate other features of the video, like species (ie. mouse, rat) or location (ie. homecage, operant chamber).

Note: All videos are shared under the CC BY 4.0 DEED Attribution 4.0 International License. LICENSE UPDATED ON MAY 2, 2024

Contributions and Collaborations Welcome! We hope to continue to grow the repository into one that reflects the breadth and variety of animal behaviors studied in the field. We are also interested in adding DIOs to each of the videos. If you would like to contribute videos or collaborate please complete the video submission form or reach out to us via email at or Twitter at @OpenBehavior.