About the Palmer Survey

When Dr. Palmer was a doctoral student at AU, she realized how little data the university (and all universities) had about the student experience outside of the classroom. As one AU administrator told her: “no amount of stories will have the impact that numbers will.”

She contacted a well known researcher in her field, who graciously shared a survey instrument that she had created for a similar study at three other universities.┬áDr. Palmer adapted the survey for AU’s campus with input from students and staff.

The Palmer Survey has been conducted every other year since 2011. Dr. Palmer uses the same method (called the Dillman method) that the other three universities were using at the start of the study. This method involves a “pre-incentive” for every person in the random sample ($2).

A random sample is important so we can hear from a representative group of students with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Therefore, please consider participating whether or not you have personal experience with victimization or bystander intervention.

Please contact palmersurvey at american with any questions or concerns.