Item Points Qty Total Possible % of Grade
Attendance 10 15 150 15%
Reflective Practice 2 50 100 10%
Learning Journal 15 10 150 15%
Event Assessment 150 1 150 15%
Org. Report 200 1 200 20%
Venture Design 250 1 250 25%
TOTAL 1000 100%


You will demonstrate and advance your understanding of the course material through projects, presentations, and course requirements. These will include:

Class Attendance (10 points per class, –30 per unexcused absence, 150 points possible)
Attending each class earns you 10 points per class (easy!). Missing a class costs you 30 points, unless you notify me in advance (or shortly after in case of emergencies) with an appropriate excuse for your absence. According to American University policy, excused absences “include, but are not limited to, major religious holidays, a medical reason, athletic participation on an AU team, off-campus activities that are required and related to another class, or a family emergency. Instructors may require documentation for excused absences.”

Reflective Practice (50 instances, 2 point each, 100 points possible)
Each student will keep a log of reflective efforts. This can include any reflective activity of 10 minutes or more, suggested by the student and approved by the instructor. Examples might include a 10-minute meditation or reflection session, a creative effort whose purpose is the creation itself (drawing, coloring, moving, performing), or some other action or practice suggested by the student. Details of this assignment will be discussed in our first class.

Learning Journal (15 points possible for each, 10 are required, 150 points possible)
By the end of each Monday (11:59 pm), you will upload an image of your learning journal response to the week’s prompting questions. Your response may include drawn or painted images, text, cut-outs, or other expressive elements. Details of this assignment will be discussed and explored in our second class.

Event Assessment (150 points possible)
Each student will provide a description and aesthetic analysis of a cultural event, using provided prompts (to be discussed in class).

Organization Report (200 points possible)
Each student will prepare and present an overview of an assigned arts organization with an aesthetic or expressive approach to their work. Details of this assignment are available online.

Venture Design (250 points possible)
Each student will prepare and present an original venture design, describing a proposed business, project, or initiative. These ventures will be developed throughout the semester – in part through the learning journal prompts. A rubric and detailed instructions will be provided in class.