Week 11 | 3/29/2016 | The Power of Place

SITE VISIT: Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, 6:00 – 7:30 pm
We will attend live (free) performance at the Millenium Stage in the Kennedy Center lobby, featuring: “Listen Local First: Oh He Dead and Herb & Hanson.” We will also work through a critical reflection of your visit to prepare for a short written report due on April 11. Please review the assignment before you attend, since there’s some work to be done beforehand.
READ: Art Worlds, Chapter 11
DUE: Learning journal response prompt: “Before we visit the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, share some brief thoughts and notes about how you perceive the organization’s reputation? What adjectives capture your feelings about the organization or the building? What evidence or experience leads you to choose those words?”

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