Week 12 | 4/5/2016 | Defining Your Value

How can you understand the value your venture provides to its constituents, not just from your own perspective, but from theirs? How do you then redesign your venture to maximize that value?
READ: Business Model You, Chapter 8 & 9
WATCH: “Customer Discovery: The Search for Product/Market Fit,” Steve Blank, June 28, 2014
WATCH: “Value Proposition Canvas Explained,” Strategyzer, July 21, 2014
DUE: Learning journal response prompt: “Sketch out a value proposition canvas in your learning journal, and use the framework to describe one of the customer/constituent groups that will be served by your venture. Detail some of their jobs, pains, and gains. And then list how your products/services address those jobs, relieve those pains, and magnify those gains. You can find an annotated version of the Value Proposition Canvas online here.”

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