Week 9 | 3/15/2016 | Organization Reports 2 & Sydney Skybetter

FIRST HALF: The second group of student presentations on assigned organizations. Details of the assignment are available online.
SECOND HALF: A conversation with Sydney Skybetter, Producer/Consultant/Choreographer (via Skype, 7:00 pm)
READ: Art Worlds, Chapter 8
READ: “A Choreographer Gives His Dream an Idaho Address,” by Claudia la Rocco, New York Times, September 12, 2008
READ: “Knowing When to Fold ‘Em,” by Sydney Skybetter, Clyde Fitch Report, January 11, 2014
DUE: Journal response prompt: “Find and share four images that capture the essence of Becker’s four archetypes in this week’s readings: Integrated Professionals, Mavericks, Folk Artists, and Naive Artists. Think beyond the obvious, here, and avoid just using pictures of specific people you believe to fit the descriptions.”

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