Venture Design Assignment
(250 points possible)

4/18/16, 11:59 pm: Outline of ten slides, with key points for each
5/2/16, 11:59 pm: Final slide deck (Powerpoint preferred)
5/3/15: Class presentations (10 minutes each)

As a final project for the course, each student will develop, prepare, and present an overview of a proposed business, civic, or social venture. The venture does not have to be a traditional (or even non-traditional) arts event or activity, but the design and delivery of the venture should include many of the aesthetic issues we’ve discussed in class. Each student will have 10 minutes to present 10 slides about their venture. Each presentation must include the 10 slides listed below, but you can adjust their order if you like.

For the presentation, imagine that your audience is a group of interested partners/investors/workers/users, and that your goal is to convince them that your venture is not only well considered but also well crafted – that it is, in some way, beautiful. Also do your best to make the presentation beautiful – or clear, clean, cohesive, well balanced, only using what’s essential.

10 Required Slides (please use no more than 10)

  • Intended Customers/Constituents
  • Their Jobs/Pains/Gains
  • Venture Title/Tagline
  • Purpose/Mission
  • Products & Services (and how they relieve pains or enhance gains)
  • Conventions Embraced, Extended, or Denied
  • Material Resources Required (and where you’ll get them)
  • People Required (and how you’ll entice and retain them)
  • Unique or Elegant Elements of your Venture
  • Your Next Step Forward

NOTE ON SLIDE ORDER: The suggested slide sequence above begins with the ‘problem’ — the users and the challenges/opportunities they have in the world. The venture then becomes a direct response, or solution, to that problem. You can reorder the slides as you think is best, but perhaps start with the sequence above to see if it works for you. Remember that your venture is not about you, but about the value it creates for others in the world.