A Little About Me

Policy – Communications  – Research – Leadership – Passionate

As a new graduate of American University, I am beginning a new adventure as I look to start my career. When I graduated in Washington, DC in May of 2018, I was told that I would have to get a job on Capitol Hill and become a swamp creature until I was gray in the hair. While I am passionate about policy, public affairs, communication and all things related to the city of monuments, I knew in my heart that I needed to make my way back to the Bay Area and explore my passions. While I made the commitment to move, I knew I wanted to work for an organization that allowed me to utilize my interests and support the work that they do.

I am hoping to use my Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science to be effective employee in many different capacities. I have found that my business minor and my certificate in leadership studies will allow me to take on a range of responsibilities. My second major in Interdisciplinary Studies (Communications, Law, Economics, and Government) has allowed me to examine any issue through several perspectives. Each of these academic accomplishments have prepared me for any challenges that come my way and will help make any project successful.

Over the last several years of internships and schooling that I undertook, I have learned to prioritize, manage time, pay attention to details while keeping the big picture in mind, and communicate my own opinions. I’ve had countless opportunities to engage with community members and institutions, analyze policies and research, and relay this information to constituents and clients. The skills I learned in government affairs and lobbying have prepared me for relationship management necessary to collaborate with different organizations and translate complicated information into understandable presentations. Examples of these experiences can be found in my Resume, while samples of my writing and research skills are also included. I have provided contact information if you would like more information!