Annotated Bibliography


Built Environment Annotated Bibliography

Castaneda, Ruben. “Addiction Battled Ambition For Reporter Caught In D.C.’s Crack Epidemic.” NPR, NPR, 3 July 2014. Accessed 15 Feb. 2017.

The reason why I chose this article is because it will provide the proper amount of context and explanation of the tone and cultural mood of the time the book was written. I see this source as more of a contextual source, to help align my essay with Castaneda’s personal experiences. Also, given that this is a direct interview with castaneda, rather than a traditional article, it will have the actual words spoken by castaneda which includes the emotion that is portrayed through his vocabulary and diction. This article goes in depth when describing the aura surrounding drugs, crack and murder. This source also does a really good job describing Castaneda’s personal experiences in D.C. regarding these drug epidemics. I can directly quote this article when I need to provide matter-of-fact quotes regarding Castaneda’s experience in this city, more specifically, how this city was back in the crack era versus how it is now given the gentrification and development of built structures.

“Washington, DC :: History of the Station.” Union Station, Union Station, 2016, Accessed 15 Feb. 2017.

The reason why I chose this article is because it will provide the proper historical and, somewhat, a cultural context to my location, Union Station. This article provides almost more information then I actually need, detailing every advancement of the interior and exterior of the station. Along with these aesthetic additions, the Government, economic and social influence is all detailed in this article as well. I believe that this article will provide good context, not only in my essay, but also to me personally. As I read about this building, I am able to get a better grasp on the history of the building, therefore I am able to more easily make inferences and draw conclusions regarding its social effect on the social environment at the time. I see this article as a background source almost. I believe I will be using bits of this article throughout my essay somewhat, but I feel that the importance of this article is its information to me personally. To understand a concepts, you have to know the history surrounding it. It would be quite difficult to write about A building I know nothing about.


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