Commonplace 6

Commonplace 6

The quote that I am going to be talking about is an excerpt from the screenplay of Whiplash. Whiplash is a movie released in 2014 and stars J.K Simmons and Miles Teller. The movies screenplay was written by and Directed by Damien Chazelle. After the student, Andrew, was kicked out of school for getting into a physical altercation with his music teacher for being too hard of a teacher and showing tough love, this quote was spoken by J.K Simmons.  

“There are no two words in the English language more harmful than “good job”.”

I feel that this quote captures not only the personality and motives of Jk Simmons as a music instructor, but it also encompases the over all tone of the movie. Throughout the whole move, Simmons is a very verbally abusive, stubborn and strict music teacher. He never praises anyone for doing anything correct and he picks on every little aspect of their performance that was flawed even the slightest bit. This is because he believes the moment he tells anyone they’ve done a good job, he feels that he’s telling them that they’ve reached the peak of their performance, when in reality there is always room for improvement. This mentality was foreshadowed when Simmons speaks to Teller before his audition telling him to try his best. He uses this quote to describe it.

 “charlie parker became ‘the bird’ because joe jonas threw a cymbal at his head”


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