Annotated Bib 5+6


“Union Station’s ‘Forgotten’ Historic Interior Spaces.” Streets of Washington, Streets of Washington, Accessed 9 Apr. 2017.

I am going to be using this source as my exhibit. Because my main topic of discussion throughout this essay is talking about the effects of the aesthetics of union station, this article is perfect. The main point of this article is analyzing and giving context to the different rooms and structures. The article talks about the structures on the inside and outside of the building. This source also has pictures to go with the descriptions, just like my essay. I am easily able to implicate this source in to my essay. For most of the essay I am analyzing different aesthetic aspects of the station. With this source as my exhibit, I am able to use examples from the text to not only give me a better understanding of the station it self, but also use the specific examples in the text as evidence to my claims throughout the essay.

“Washington – Union Station, DC (WAS).” Great American Stations, Great American Stations

This source is the perfect background source for my essay. This article gives a brief overview of the history of the train station’s history. The article also talks about L’Enfant. L’Enfant was the architect who built the mall and who strategically placed the station at the top of the mall. In my essay I speak about the rhetorical effect of the station being placed where it is. What I really like about this article is that it talks an immense about about the design of the station as well as the design of DC as a whole. This article also offers statistical information regarding the station. I can use both the information about the construction of D.C/ Union Station as well as use the statistical information to have a better understanding of the rhetorical meaning of the D.C train station as a whole. With this information readily available, my essay can flow better

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