Annotated Bib 78

“Washington, DC Fact Sheet.”,, 9 Mar. 2017,

The first first source that I am chasing to write about is an collection of statistics about D.C.  Everything from demographic information of the citizens of D.C to the climate to different information about the universities in D.C. However the most valuable parts of information on this website that are helpful to my website are the traveling information. The specific information that I am planning on using from this website are the statistics on the transportation and visitor statistics. The transportation information illustrates the number of translations, train stops, types of public transportation including busses, trains and taxis. The visitor stats illustrate how many visitors per year visit the attractions such as the monuments, memorials and museums. I think that this source is mainly a background source. I could also argue that this is an exhibit source too. I could use specific facts from this article to analyze the frequency and practicality of Union Station. However, I feel that doing that sort of analysis would require a lot of assumptions due to the lack of specific information regarding Union Station. I would mainly be drawing conclusions basesed on the travel statistics and about of visitors to the attractions. This source acts as a background source much better because it offers me context to the popularity and visitation frequency of D.C.

“Burnham Place at Union Station .” Burnham Place at Union Station

The second source that I am writing about is an article that outlines the goals and the mindset of the main architect that designed Union Station, Daniel Burnham. This article is short but actually really informative on the purpose of the station. This article illustrates how versatile Union station can be. Not only is it a transportation Mecca for people all around the country, but it also serves as a shopping center and a national landmark. The article describes Union Station as a ” Multi- Modal station”. The article comments on the unique architectural design that allows for more then the conventional about of people to occupy the station. This was a practical decision that is perfect for the use of a train station. This article is exactly what I was looking for when trying to connect the design of the station to its practicality. For this reason, Im going to be using this source as a method, using the concepts regarding the design of the train station and apply it to my rhetorical analysis.

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