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“Reimagining Union Station.” The Washington Post, WP Company,

This source is a special one. This article touches on eventing we discuss in our class. This article touches on the gentrification of D.C, the evolution of D.C as an architectural city and, most importantly talks in depth about the development about Union Station. Union was never the grand masterpiece that it was today. It was built then renovated into something much grander then it previously was. Another interesting thing about this website is that it breaks down the development of Union station. There are three separate sections; Past, present and future. The past describes how the station started. The present describes what its currently evolved into. All the improvements to make what Union is today. The furure section of the article outlines the future plans of the station. They plan on expanding it by digging a tunnel under H street to expand the station and cover two blocks instead of one. This can be read as the literal, as an expeansion of a building. This could also be read as the ever expanding and improving city of D.C. Having to expand due to the gentrification and rise in population and popularity.  I see this article serving as all elements of the BEAM model. Because this article is so in depth and covers a lot, it can be used in multiple ways. Im going to be using this article as an exhibit because I can analyze the transformation and design of the station overall.

Union Station: Washington DC.” Union Station: Washington, D.C., American Planning Association

I believe that this source qualifies as a method. This article is really good at illustrating the planning and design of the building. This article is similar to many of my other sources, however it differs by adding photos and small little  of the photo. This source also talks a lot about the architects that were involved in the project. This source is a pretty good overview of the station.

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