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My website is an amalgamation of different analysis of the rhetorical message behind a collection of different mediums. On my website I analyze music, paintings, art, philosophy and most importanty, Union Station of D.C.

First starting with my commonplaces. The first few common places in this class were to write about any medium of art we came a cross. This could be writing, art, songs etc.  For the first few commonplaces, just to get a feel of the assignment, I wrote about pieces of writing; mostly philosophy as well as the assigned text of David Fleming. Either writing about J.M Coetez “The lives of animals” or Friedrich Nietzsche’s ” On the genealogy or mortality” and “even the city of rhetoric”  by David Fleming. I found common threads in all of their thinking. The deal with all these philosophers isn’t to confuse or overanalyze the simple things of the world. The goal of philosophers is to discover and explore the meaning and rhetoric effect of ideas that are limited by assumptions or expectations that all of of everyday people think today. For example, when most people see a building, we don’t think twice. Fleming  took the ideas of buildings and went above and beyond. Buildings aren’t just stuck in their location, their built and crafted through the combination of the context of their environment and the vision of the architect. But the building doesn’t stop there, these buildings influence its environment just as the environment influenced the building. My essay goes more in depth on this topic. But nevertheless, philosophers go beyond the preconceived exceptions of why. As a went further into my commonplace’s, I started to experiment with the medium in which I was writing about. Then I started analyzing music. I’ve always been fascinated with artists and the many ways they can get their message across through lyrics, the instrumental aspect as well and their tone. One of the songs that stood out to me was Bruce Springsteen ” Born in the USA” not only is this one of the best songs ever from one of the best albums of all time due to Springsteen spiraling voice that enraptures his ability to bring presence to the microphone, but this song also has a hidden meaning. Its satiric.Almost like rap songs speak in metaphors ( I also analyzed a few rap songs)The whole song is a metaphor. Artist I started to analyze paintings. People say a picture is worth a thousand words. After really analyzing paintings, Ive come to realize that this Is very true. Artists can paint to show literal meanings, metaphoric meanings, or the painting can enraptures their whole philosophy towards life. My commonplaces have little correlation with each other besides the requires analysis’ of Flemings text. You can find my commonplaces here

The next pieces of work that Im going to talk about are my reading analysis’. I like to think of my RA’S as mini essays. Just as I mentioned with my commonplaces, everything has a rhetorical message. The RA’s have the same intention. My goal is to provide an analysis on the rhetorical meaning of the work of literature I’m analyzing. However, the level of analysis is deeper then that of the commonplaces. I also aim to connect how these individual pieces of work relate to the main message of the class.

The next section of my website are my Annotated bibliographies. When crafting my main essay, I needed numerous sources so aid my argument presented through my thesis. Ive gathered articles that fir the BEAM model. Being that my location was Union Station and my Essay was about the rhetoric conveyed by the aesthetics and design of the station, I tried to find articles that talked about the history and transformation of the station over the years as well as the effort and intentions brought to the station by the architects of Union Station as well as the city planners of D.C.

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