Celine Lawrence

Serial – Season 1

I chose to examine elements of the first season of Serial, which goes through the murder of Hae Min Lee and the case against her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed. I chose a website format that includes information on Serial, True Crime, The Innocence Project, as well as discussions on criminal justice, victims, and audience in podcasting.

I decided to explore a variety of topics to attract a larger audience of viewers than if I were to use just one. Using a website allows a more interactive approach to the material and lets the viewers explore more of whatever interests them the most with external link tabs. I think that all of the topics build off of one another, but they each have their own unique information that is interesting on its own. This format and project ties in the smaller details mentioned in the original podcast but expands upon them, allowing them to serve as greater discussions for the whole podcasting industry and criminal justice, rather than just Serial as a singular entity. Because the podcast cannot go on tangents of every small idea they bring in, this website serves as an enhancer to those topics.

(Unfortunately, Celine’s website wasn’t working so she has provided screen shots in its place.)