Pascale Burnett

MakingĀ is a podcast that profiles different celebrities through limited episode series. While my project is focused on the episodes about Barack Obama, they have also profiled Oprah Winfrey and Beyonce. Through the six episodes about Obama, they follow him from his early childhood through his early days as a politician.

Through my project, I chose to focus on the parallel between campaign slogans and podcasts in the way that they use diction to influence their audiences. Although campaign slogans are short, they need to be effective in delivering the values of a politician to a wide audience. Like in podcasts, each word must be carefully chosen to persuade and influence the audience.

I decided to display this information through a website due to both my passion for design and because I knew I wanted to highlight many politicians. My project serves as a jumping-off point to many other resources and I think that a website is the best way to provide the links to all those resources. Because I feature five different politicians and their respective campaign slogans, I wanted to use a format that allowed me to organize them in a clear way.

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