Tillie Mintz

Missing Richard Simmons by journalist Dan Taberski.

This podcast was intended to figure out why Richard Simmons took a step back from the spotlight and where he is now. Dan Taberski crossed the privacy line as soon as he began recording the podcast. Dan Taberski arrived at his home and continued to talk about someone who simply wanted privacy, which invaded the personal space that Richard Simmons’ was searching for. I wanted to explore the idea of celebrities and their privacy, and to show what it is like to be watched constantly. I created an interactive website in order for the viewer to get a better sense of what it could be like when the spotlight is always on you. I lead the viewer through questions and experiences to help one think about how they would react with a camera always in their face. I also made a section of my website to appear as if it were an Instagram account because these celebrities are always having images of them appear whether they know it or not.

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