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My name is Quentin Levin, and I am pursuing an interdisciplinary major in Communications, Law, Economics, and Government (CLEG) at American University. In AU’s School of Public Affairs (SPA), I am also a member of the SPA Leadership Certificate Program and will graduate in three years through the accelerated Politics, Policy, and Law Scholars program.

I am passionate about healthcare policy and am a committed student of history, but I recognize that I have much to learn. This is why I am seizing the many opportunities in D.C. — whether by practicing policy writing through a college club or interning at the BBC last summer — to expand my experience and develop the tools necessary to do my best to serve and strengthen my community. Last year, I completed a public health related social action project with my leadership group. I hope to continue to advance my study and understanding of healthcare policy through academics and service to prepare for a career working to promote important reforms on this issue.

Since high school, I have enjoyed participating in debate competitions, student journalism, and volunteering at my local community center, where I served as a governing board representative. In addition, I am proficient with many computer programs.

After I complete my formal education, I hope to embark on a career of public service.