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About Me

Hello!  My name is Rachel Bernard, and this is my ePortfolio.

I graduated from New Albany High School (New Albany, OH) in 2014, and am currently a student at the American University, double majoring in International Studies (SIS ’18) and Political Science (SPA ’18).  In addition to my academic studies, I am a violinist in the AU Symphony Orchestra, as well as a member of the AU Mock Trial Team.

My current research interests include: gender and sexuality history, genocide, and conflict studies.





Long-Term Goals


  • Speak Spanish fluently and be able to converse in German.
  • Study abroad in Madrid so that I not only have a formal Spanish immersion experience, but also have to opportunity to explore Western European political culture.


  • Create and maintain connections with various professionals in fields that I am interested in
  • Build a resume with a wide range of skills
  • Obtain an internship at the State Department or an Embassy


  • Develop my time management skills
  • Maintain connections with close friends from home

Semester Goals


  • Successfully pass my first honors course at American University
  • Stay on top of my schoolwork at all times


  • Maintain good relationships with my professors
  • Attend at least one international event off-campus


  • Avoid the freshman plague

Mentor Network

Nadeen Makhlouf, AU Honors Counselor

Current Position

General Member:

  • AU Symphony Orchestra
  • AU Mock Trial

Major/Minor/Certificate Program

Major: International Studies (SIS ’18) and Political Science (SPA ’18)