Sample Cover Letter

Rosaura Ritger

4400 Massachusetts Ave NW

Washington, District of Columbia


Cell: 973.714.8632


Dear whom it may concern:

I am applying for a position in the School of Public Affairs Leadership Program at American University. I came across this program while applying to the School of Public Affairs. I believe this would be an amazing opportunity to continue to volunteer my time to better the world around me while also gaining more expertise on how to be an effective leader.

As mentioned, I am applying for a position in the School of Public Affairs Leadership Program where I see myself being an excellent fit among the young leaders. I was a youth leader this past summer for my work crew while in Tennessee volunteering for the Appalachia Service Project. I am no stranger to setting a good example for the youth and for my peers. I enjoy volunteering my time to contribute to making a difference in another’s life.

I played on many soccer teams throughout high school and earlier years where I have learned to work with many different personalities. I pride myself with the ability to adapt and work well with others. Additionally, I worked at a local pharmacy called Robinson’s Drug Shop in Mendham, New Jersey where I worked the register and was given the responsibility of giving customers their correct prescriptions and helping them find whatever they may have needed.

I am involved in a peer organized community service group which my friends and I call ‘Meals That Matter’. We gather every other Sunday and cook meals for families in the surrounding community. I believe that my motivation to take initiative is one of my greatest qualities. I acquainted myself with like-minded individuals who also demonstrated the interest in bettering the community around them, so together we took the steps to do so. I am convinced that the Leadership program will be a step in the right direction for me to familiarize myself with more ambitious individuals that will want to improve the community on a much larger scale, as I myself am interested in doing.


Respectfully yours,

Rosaura Ritger