Second Year Project

The juvenile justice system has a critical role in the lives of many minors. While it’s intended purpose is to rehabilitate youth offenders, complexities in its system and current solutions struggle to meet this (Farrington et. al. 2012). It is critical that if the system can not fulfill its intended purpose, organizations and groups which do, receive support to continue rehabilitating youth and providing them with the necessary tools and resources to lead a more productive life. I intend to conduct a project which will benefit youth at risk and delinquents in the juvenile justice system. Given that incarceration is overused regarding youth offenders, and other programs utilized to help rehabilitate juveniles has proven to be fairly ineffective, my intention is to support an organization that offers an alternative to detention and or helps youth at risk (Leone, 2015). With my project, I would like to support an organization with a mission aimed towards rehabilitating youth through methods that avoid detention. I will first discuss with the organization their particular needs. Once that has been determined, I will submit a detailed project proposal to Eagle Endowment. By contacting local restaurants to conduct fundraiser nights, I intend to raise any additional funding for the organization. I have chosen to conduct a project which will support organizations that make the small, but critical, changes in the lives of juveniles and minors.