Who You Gonna Call:  In a Post-Conflict State, Should One Look to Local or International Communities for Solutions to the Obstacle of Reconstruction?   Introduction: Conflicts within countries have arisen […]

Who You Gonna Call?

On March 2, 2017, I went to the D.C. US District Court to see a few hours worth of hearings for Magistrate Judge Robin P. Meriweather.  I arrived on the […]

A Courtroom Experience

i didn’t know if he wanted to come inside but i invited him anyway and he came in and said hi, he and my mom hugged. she asked him about college and […]

Ex Marks the Spot

Recently I’ve been seeing more and more of my peers who relentlessly supported Trump throughout the campaign and voted for him in the general election begin to change their views. […]

The Turntables

I’ve always loved to doodle and make art.  Even from an early age, my grandma would help me paint and draw alongside her own pieces of artwork.  However, I never […]

“Draw What You Feel”

As one of the most influential poets during the 1950’s, Lawrence Ferlinghetti was the epitome of the Beat Generation’s tendencies towards challenging the norms of society.  Ferlinghetti utilized biting cynicism […]

And the Beat Goes On

Humans, as a species, are prone to greed.  The phrase “more is better” is common jargon in today’s society.  It is the root cause of many instances of jealousy, anger, […]

A Lesson on Greed

Established in 1787, Sierra Leone began as a colony under British rule, located northwest of Liberia and south of the country of Guinea (“Profile”).  After gaining its independence in 1961, […]

Civil War in Sierra Leone

Symptoms Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental illness that develops after one has been through an experience during which their life was in danger.  When an individual has […]

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder