Promoting a Culture of Health in American Cities


The speech today focused on the importance of health and infrastructure in a city. Mindy Fullilove spoke specifically about how you cannot draw the line at risk factors and health without talking about class and race, and urban renewal. There are historical reasons behind why risk factors are higher among certain groups of people. You cannot draw the line where it is convenient to do so.



She also spoke about how important tackling gentrification is. Rather than making neighborhoods completely different than what they were before, there are ways to continue to allow them to be hubs if they were hubs previously. For example, with the example of building the Penguin’s stadium in Pittsburg, factors to allow the area to continue to be a version of what it used to be were not taken into consideration. Consequentially, the environment that was built was purposeful in keeping people away. A giant stadium was built. It was then surrounded by big parking lots, with highways beyond those. An intentional barrier was put in place. Serial forced displacement such as this happens everywhere. It first happened to the Native Americans, and continues to happen to the African American community.



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