Videos and Perry’s – Final DA3.5

The video above shows all of the appealing aspects of Adam’s Morgan and why you would want to move there. Reasons include the stores, restaurants, and night life.

Perry’s Restaurant



Perry’s is yet another upscale restaurant in the hip area. It is rated one of the top 5 best views in D.C. Perry’s is a higher end restaurant that has been in Ad Mo for over 30 years. This is older than some restaurants, but newer than many as well. You may be paying for the sushi bar, or you may be paying for the view at Perry’s. Perry’s is open for Sunday brunch, as well as the usual dinner crowd.

Rooftop at Perry’s





The video above is a real estate “expert” talking about the creation of Adam’s Morgan. It mentions that it is one of the first neighborhoods in D.C. to undergo revitalization. The real estate agent highlights the appealing points of the area.


These archives are all evidence of the revitalization that Adam’s Morgan has gone through. The evolving of the restaurants in Adam’s Morgan is representative of the changes the area has undergone in the past 60 years or so.

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