Sabina Fickenwirth was born in Boston, Massachusetts, before her parents decided that the best possible thing to do with a one month-old child would be to move across an entire ocean, and she was whisked away. After spending seven-odd years and gaining one more child, the Family Fickenwirth had grown too charismatic for the confines of the glum island of Great Britain and Sabina was once again shuttled over the Pond and back to Boston. Unfortunately it was too late and she had already accumulated a penchant for overcast weather and (apparently) an idiotic way of saying the word ‘been’. Sabina is left-handed and likes hiking, potatoes, sailing ships, soccer, and comic books. She is also with absolutely no doubt at all the reincarnation of sixteenth century Northern Renaissance artist and printmaker Albrecht Dürer. She dislikes Apple Inc., asparagus, the patriarchy, and talking about herself in the third person, so I’m gonna stop that.