Super Bowl 2014 and the Power of Partnerships

‘Invisible’ by U2

For those who watched the Super Bowl last Sunday, it was hard to miss the huge campaign by U2 and Bank of America. During the game U2 have performed and released their new single for free download within 24 hours after the game, while for each download Bank of America donated one dollar to an organization cofounded by Bono in 2006 to combat AIDS. The campaign proved a tremendous success raising $3 Million for AIDS fight.

In light of recent discussion in class about the significance of partnerships, this campaign is a great evidence for growing importance of cross sector partnerships when it comes to raising awareness and/or funds for a cause. It is hard to imagine a government-led campaign of the same scope becoming equally successful. Moreover this is a perfect win-win situation in which both- the Bank of America and Bono significantly leverage their social presence while an important cause is being supported.

Additionally this campaign is an example of the power famous people, public figures and brands possess when it comes to PD. Using the ideas of Nye (2011) we can see that Bono and U2 have exercised their soft power in this campaign offering an endorsement in the form of their music to those who support their cause. The Bank of America from its side promoted itself as a brand by partnering with a celebrity and donating to universally recognized cause- again a classic example of exercising soft power (in this case financial) and recognizing mutual interests across sectors.

And if you wish to participate- the campaign continues and now the song can be downloaded for $1.29 while Bank of America continues its donations:


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