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Multi-track, public, and integrative diplomacy

For over two decades, a system of layered-to-networked “multi-track” diplomacy has been evolving. The Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy ( has been at the center of this important effort, pursuing nine tracks, including peacebuilding through diplomacy between governments and global publics to peacebuilding through media organizations. As I review your first batches of blog posts and peruse the latest issue of IMTD’s online journal (, it strikes me that our frame for global and comparative public diplomacy should include multi-track diplomacy. This system reflects the diversity of diplomacy’s public dimension as well as the increasingly integrative nature of international diplomacy overall.

U.S. Senate Confirms Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs

High praise for finally confirming Richard Stengel as the new “R.” (This is the acronym for the undersecretariat of the Department of State comprising global PD and domestic public affairs.)  After all the domestic budget turmoil of recent months, perhaps U.S. PD can really get going in Obama’s second term. Stengel is eminently qualified for the role, including as biographer of Nelson Mandela.  Read his message to our community here:

U.S. Public Diplomacy Event — That’s open to the public!

President Obama speaks to a group

The next public meeting of the Advisory Commission on U.S. Public Diplomacy will explore the goals and challenges of the USG’s Young African Leaders Initiative, established to “spur growth and prosperity, strengthen democratic governance, and enhance peace and security across Africa” (

To learn more and register, consult:

Onward in Sochi!

The New York Times carried this


in yesterday’s digital headlines:

“I’d like to think that yogurt could have diplomatic immunity.”

PETER McGUINNESS, the chief marketing and brand officer for Chobani, whose product was bound for the United States Olympic team but blocked by Russia.

Talk about a rich culture (pun intended … and the mingling of global capitalism, public relations and corporate social responsibility (, diasporic identity-making, and … (fill in with other flavors and interpretations) that constitute the ongoing reconceptualizing of (public) diplomacy.

I will likely be among those drawn to one sort of screen or another to catch some of this winter’s Olympics this opening weekend. And you? It’ll be hard to watch the opening events, and then amazing feats of physical strength and artistic creativity, without considering cross-national cultural diplomacy in the guise of sports. Have a great weekend, wherever it takes you!

FYI: New Clingendael Report on Peacebuilding and Other Possible Resources

Hello, All.

One of the PD Links along the left side of the blog home page is to Clingendael, the Netherlands Institute of International Relations.  This link — — is to a new report that some may find of interest, and here’s a more general link:

-Debbie Trent

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