Annotated Bibliography 3-4

Background   “Mayflower Hotel.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 23 Mar. 2017, Accessed 23 Mar. 2017. As a background source, this source gives insightful information about the Mayflower hotel. The source describes the history of the hotel by analyzing its many renovations and its impact on society since the opening of its doors. Each section that […]

RA 4

Lessons for Theory and Practice In Chapter Eight of David Flemings, “City of Rhetoric,” Fleming proposes a question to his readers asking how different communities with people of different socioeconomic standing shape and effect the rhetoric of our society. In previous chapters, Fleming examines the social components of three different living environments in Chicago Illinois; […]

RA 3

“Suburbia”   In part two of David Flemings “City of Rhetoric,” Fleming introduces his idea “Designing the Twenty First Century Public Sphere.” Specifically, the design and components that go into suburban neighborhoods, and how suburbs are becoming increasingly less diverse.  Components such a wealth, property tax, and safety, Fleming argues, are some of the sole […]

B.E.D Final Draft

BED—Final Draft The Mayflower Hotel attracts a certain type of guest. With immense history and scandal, the hotels main website is the best place to find a detailed description of the lavish hotels information and it is clear that they target a specific audience. When first entering the hotels website, the interactive interface helps understand […]

Annotated Bibliography One and Two

Background “Historic Hotels in Washington, DC | The Mayflower.” Mayflower, Web 18 Feb. 2017. This source offers descriptive and insightful information on the history of the Mayflower Hotel. Being the hotels main source of information, this website educates its readers on the historical happenings and event of the hotel throughout the past two decades. […]

Promenade Ballroom of the Mayflower Hotel

The Promenade Ballroom in the Mayflower hotel features extraordinary skylights and detailed paintings throughout. A step inside this ballroom transports you into timeless luxury. Many of the chandeliers are original chandeliers to the hotel and this particular ballroom hosted many presidential events similar to those held in the Grand Ballroom.

Description of the Mayflower Hotel Grand Ballroom

This is a photo of the signage located outside of each of the hotels ballrooms. This particular sign explains that the luxurious Grand Ballroom was host to many Inaugural Events such as the Inaugural Ball of President Coolidge in 1925 as well as John Kennedy. This ballroom is truly a landmark in history.