Reading Analysis 6
Suzanne Tick

 In Suzanne Ticks article titled, His and Hers: Design in Post-Gender Society, Tick explains that in our society today gender is becoming irrelevant. Tick argues that gender is no longer a definitive aspect of a person, and that designers need to react to this to encourage acceptance. Feminism is becoming more and more prevalent around the world, and in pop culture, which Tick says is now taking over the traditional masculine way of life. Equality is something that Tick puts heavy emphasis on in her writing and gives examples of advocates who press for social change. Tick also argues that equality will bring society closer, and give people equal opportunity. In a design sense, Tick says that androgyny will accelerate this sense of acceptance and in the design realm it is important for people to adapt to this style. People who don’t define as a gender will feel more comfortable in society if aspects of it adapt to make them more comfortable and included.


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