More Tools and Resources

Create YouTube Videos

Level of ease:
YouTube is a video-sharing website that hosts user-created content. Create your own video content and post it to the web — you can even record quality videos from your smartphone or laptop!
Even More Information
How to make a quick screen-capture video (while presenting a PowerPoint/Keynote) and save it on your desktop…
1. Mac: Using Quicktime (comes with all standard Macs): Creating Screen Recordings with QuickTime Player
Advanced Video Creation & Production Tutorials

Collaborative Google Docs or Presentations

Level of ease:
Intermediate (for non-Google users)

Collaborate and coordinate with students by using Google Drive’s calendar, word processing, and presentation tools.

Google Drive Essential Training (from 3h7m
Contact CTRL TLR group ( for one-on-one consultations or upcoming Google workshops.

Video On Demand

Level of ease:

Asking students to create a “Video on Demand” is very easy in Blackboard. Simply create a Discussion Board Forum within Blackboard and ask your students to create their own videos from their computer cameras directly within your course’s Blackboard environment. Since AU students already have access to Google through their email accounts, they do not have to create separate Google/YouTube accounts. Videos will be saved within the Blackboard page as well as their personal YouTube channels.

Instructions for Creating Videos on Demand (PDF opens in a new window)

Create a Closed Facebook Group

Level of Ease:
Easy (for current Facebook users)
Difficult (for non-Facebook users)

Consider creating a “closed” and “secret” Facebook group if your class utilizes discussion-based and peer learning strategies. You do not have to be “Facebook friends” with your students to invite or interact with them on your group’s page.

Instructions for Creating a Closed Facebook Group (PDF link opens in a new window)
Instructions were made by March & Shapiro (2014) for EducauseELI