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THE SONG “MOM”   {JUNE.25, 2021}

This podcast shares the popular song “MOM” from a new generation of original female singers in China, what kind of mental journey she has in creating this song, and the story behind the song. Exclusive interview with host Luo Haoxue and songwriter Miss. Cao.


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HAOXUE LUO: “Hi welcome to podcast Songwriters and Their Music . I am the host Haoxue Luo. Today, we will share a song and the story behind the songwriter and the song. enjoy.”


HAOXUE LUO: The song “MOM” shared today is an original female singer from China, her stage name is LABIXIAOXIN, let’s enjoy this song first.


HAOXUE LUO: The song is over, now let me introduce the song and the songwriter. The songwriter of this song was born in April 1999, and her stage name on the Internet is LABIXIAOXIN. To be honest, I was very shocked after learning about the results of this song. This song has been played more than 10 million times in the Chinese music software NetEase Cloud, and has entered the hot song ranking 136 times and the popular daily chart 347 times. There are thousands of cover editions and more than one hundred thousand comments. It is also very popular on the Chinese TikTok, and the current usage has reached 210,000 times. Having achieved such an achievement at such a young age proves her strength and popularity. Today we are very honored to invite Mom’s songwriter LABIXIAOXIN to come to our podcast show, but because the songwriter is Chinese and not good at English, I will ask the staff to help translate the next dialogue. So now let us welcome the LABIXIAOXIN.


HAOXUE LUO: Hello, thank you very much for coming to our show, how should I call you?

Miss Cao: Hi, you can call me Miss Cao.

HAOXUE LUO: Okay, Miss Cao, I want to ask what was your original intention for creating this song?

Miss Cao: The intention of writing this song is that it’s not easy for me to say these words to my mom with her looking at me. So I chose to write them into the song. At that time, I had been away from home for a while and I missed her a lot. This is kinda my way to express the love and appreciation for her.

HAOXUE LUO: Emmm, got it, what do you want to express in this song?

Miss Cao: The idea this song wants to convey is that as a first-time parent, my mom may not be perfect. But she is the one who had suffered great pains during pregnancy, labor and delivery. And no matter what happens in my life, what kind of person I become, she is always for there for me and always have my back. As she ages, along with the pressure in life, she is unable to stand tall and straight. We should spend more time with our mothers and should be more patient with them. They love us so much and we should love them more in return. When we are strong enough, we can protect and support them.

HAOXUE LUO: Yes, I think every mother is powerful and admirable. So in the process of creating this song, is there anything that impresses you?

Miss Cao: What I remember most is there was no hook in the first part of the song. Then When I started recording it, I felt like something was missing there. Later I was standing on the balcony and the sky was particularly blue. There was a paper crane near me. I don’t know who folded it. Then inspired by all these elements, I wrote down: sky is blue, accompanied by a paper crane, I write the song, I sing the song, every minute, every second. At that moment, I could feel deep inside, I enjoy composing songs.

HAOXUE LUO: We all know that this song was written for mother, so when you wrote the song, did you think of any story with your mother?

Miss Cao: The stories with my mom are in the song, you can just explore it.

HAOXUE LUO: Hahahaha, well, the audience can listen to the song after listening to our podcast. and I also know that this song is very popular on the Internet. How do you feel about the popularity of this song?

Miss CaoI think I will take step by step, along this path of music and try to write better songs.

HAOXUE LUO: Yes, step by step, I believe that what should come will come. So what do you want to say to the audience at the end of the show?

Miss Cao: I wanna say may the music and happiness surround us always.

HAOXUE LUO: Thank you Miss Cao for visiting the podcast today, I represent the show and the audience wish you success in your future musical journey.


The show is over here, thank you for listening, see you next time.

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