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Hi! My name is Sierra Rodriguez and I am a sophomore political science major at American University, located in Washington D.C. Starting from the beginning of my journey at American University, this fall. Being at AU has allowed me to explore the field of political science, thereby further developing my passion for political activism and political campaigning. Fostering the development of this passion has led me to search for new internships to help diversify my experience in the political world. It has also cemented the desire within me to join the crazy polarizing world of politics, and hopefully find a way to make a difference. 


Through my opportunities to work on a multitude of campaigns, I have discovered that I have a natural ability to communicate with voters of all ages, genders, and races. I have been able to take the conversations with these individuals, and translate the conversations into messaging the imperative need for voting. Those conversations most frequently end in registering said individuals to vote or create a plan about how to vote. During my next few years at AU, I hope to further develop this skill and learn how to most efficiently connect with voters, and hopefully go on to found or join a non-partisan voter registration campaign to help engage more individuals in our democracy.

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