Brigadeiro Recipe – Best dessert!

“There is a great Brazilian sweet that is like a bonbon and extremely scrumptious and delicious called brigadeiro! This is a great type of sweet that is loved here in Brazil! Try it! ”


This is my own brigadier recipe (aka the best brigadier recipe)


1 can of sweetened condensed milk

5 table spoons of Nesquik Chocolate Powder

1 table spoon of butter



Wooden spoon

Large Saucepan

1 table spoon

1 teaspoon*



  • Place 1 table spoon of butter in the pan. Turn up the heat to the maximum temperature and allow for the butter to melt. Once it’s melted switch off the heat.
  • Insert all of the condensed milk in the pan.
  • Insert 3 table spoons of Chocolate Powder
  • Mix well until it’s as homogenous as possible then turn the what back on to the maximum temperature.
  • Stir slowly until bubbles begin to form. Once they do, turn the temperature down half way and keep stirring. Make sure to stir faster and make sure the chocolate isn’t sticking to the bottom of the pan. You can put it at an angle to cleanthe bottom of the pan and then go back to stirring. Do this for 5 minutes.
  • Turn he heat off and let the chocolate cool.
  • Once it’s at room temperature you can either poor it into a tray and eat it with a spoon or apply a little bit of butter to your hands and use a teaspoon to place a small amount of the chocolate on your hands and turn them into a ball by rolling it with both hands.
  • Once they are all in a round shape you can roll hem one by one in sprinkles which will help hold them together if they are too soft.

Done! Now try it! – Bruna Weichert



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