Food Technology in DC

Since we’ve been talking about food technology in class, I though it would be interesting to see what opportunities there are in DC, and I wasn’t disappointed! Check out this look for the DC section of the Institute of Food Technologists. They even have events during the year, everything from chocolate tastings to pickle plant tours! It’s interesting to see how many different aspects this topic covers.

3 thoughts on “Food Technology in DC”

  1. A really interesting read. Obviously with all the regulations the fish must go through it will probably be years until we actual can get it on our plates; however, if it passes the regulations it could be a very useful food source as it will provide more food at a much quicker pace than other fish and not disturb natural fisheries as much.

  2. TechFund is a monthly allowance for students giving up work to care for their essays done by and research papers. It’s available for up to 14 months and pays up to $1800 per year, depending on your previous stipends and grants. Our country with its size and demographics could not implement a one size fits all plan, but during the pandemic something must be done to deal with this issue.

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