Comfort Foods

According to a recent study by The Harris Poll, pizza is the number one food Americans eat when they are stressed. The study cites both psychology and chemistry as the causes for this popular comfort food. Since pizza is a staple meal in most children’s diets it reminds us of our youth and caregivers and thus can help soothe our mind. Similarly, the combination of the acid in the tomato sauce, the mozzarella, and the crisp crust creates a great balance which the American Chemical Society calls “highly palatable” and the “food of the gods.” What is your favorite stress food? Are you like 67% of American and go to pizza?

3 thoughts on “Comfort Foods”

  1. I eat peanut butter when I am stressed. I will typically eat it with an apple or celery and raisins. I ate a lot of ‘ants on a log’ as a kid, so it makes sense that I stress eat it.

  2. I like pizza but I eat it when I have no time to cook, especially during exam period. In terms of comfort food when I’m stressed out, I’d usually go for chips and bread. It’s also interesting to see how pizza outlets almost always give out discounted prices during hectic weeks which immediately increase the consumption as well.

  3. When I am stressed I often like to eat a bowl of cereal. When I was younger I was I very picky eater, so I mostly had cereal for dinner whenever I didn’t like what my mom made. I learned to find a lot of satisfaction in a blow of special K cereal, so that is my go to when I am stressed out.

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