Diet Fads of 2016

One thing that people always seem to get wrapped up in is diet fads. Whether it’s being gluten free or going paleo; there always seems to be a new way of miraculously losing weight. It’s actually become almost so predictable that we are able to find out some of the new possible fads of 2016 even before they come out. This Huffington post mentions a few possible fads that could happen, and actually one that already did! They mentioned that bagels will be a new fad in 2016, and already in New York City there are rainbow bagels that are all the rage.

Discussion question: Diet fads always seem to come and go, but only a few stay; do you believe that some of these fads actually work, or are they just a quick way for certain companies or industries to make money?

2 thoughts on “Diet Fads of 2016”

  1. Interesting article, never really thought about it. I do believe that most diet fads are just the food industry trying to exploit people in order to make more money however, I do believe that some are actually true but the ones that get most publicity I feel are not true

  2. I don’t believe that it is totally a way for industry to make more money. In fact, I think that there is always new hypothesis on the effect of some food on your body and how these food might help one to loose weight. I personally have tried new fads in the past, and I enjoyed it.

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