3 thoughts on “What are the healthiest cooking oils?”

  1. I think the topic of oil is important to discuss. Many people think that coconut oil is better than another oils due to fads, which is semi-true, but it is important to note that oil in general is not something that should be consumed every day or often. Oil is not “healthy” due to the fact that it is full of fat and lacking nutrients.

    https://happyherbivore.com/2011/03/say-no-to-oil/ This link is helpful regarding the facts.

  2. Hi Cypress,
    I understand your point about oils being unhealthy, high in fat and lacking nutrients, however the point that our classmate made is about coconut oil and its health benefits.

    There is a strong misconception in society that fat is bad for you, however there have been studies shown that your body needs good fats. Coconut oil, nuts, and avocados are examples of good fats.

    However, everything depends on portion and the way these ingredients are cooked so that their nutrients are not depleted and their chemical bonds don’t change.

    For example, with coconut oil depending on whether or not it is refined or unrefined it can only reach up to 300 degrees or 350 degrees when cooked, and should be cooked on medium heat or lower to be preserved with its highest nutrition value.

    Other oils such as canola oil and palm oil are not as good for you, and I do not recommend using them. Healthier options are grape seed oil and olive oil.

    Here is an article about fat misconceptions written by a registered dietition from my website: http://www.skinnybbowl.com/#!Ruling-Out-Fat-Misconceptions/cmbz/4FE2CF74-3C01-43A1-A47B-A4D54724539C

    I hope this was a good explanation!

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