Mindful Eating Article by Andrew Rogan

This article from the Mother Nature Network discusses diets and healthy eating lifestyles, which we have learned a lot about over the past few weeks. Above all, the article states that mindful eating can be adapted to all diets and lifestyle choices, helping people digest their food with more thought and more reflection. With that being said, the author gives 5 tips on how to best begin the habit of mindful eating. Two of the tips the author gave correspond to what AU’s dietician, Jo-Ann Jolly, told us during the molecular gastronomy demonstration—shut off your phone and eat slower. In addition, the author wrote on eating in silence, thinking deeply on the flavors of the food you’re eating, and knowing where the food comes from. It takes concentration and commitment, but the author vows it is possible.

Credit: http://themindfulcenter.com/abc-news-nightline-interested-in-mindful-eating/
Credit: http://themindfulcenter.com/abc-news-nightline-interested-in-mindful-eating/

Question: What other mindful eating tips should be included in a guide to mindful eating? Why?

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  1. Hello – Your post was really interesting! A lot of time we as college students do not really pay attention to what we eat. Keeping up a regular meal time is such a real struggle in the midst of our busy lives. I would say putting away our cell phones is one of the best suggestions I’ve ever received in connection to eating habit because we never realize that our dependency on phone has made us not really aware of what we eat. Mindful eating is such a great reminder that eating should not be a habit, but a lifestyle that we obviously enjoy.

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